Undercover Brothers
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Air Date August 16, 2008
Prod Number 205
Episode Number 20

Undercover Brothers is the 5th episode in Season 2 (US). The girls dress as boys to find out if the boys like them.


Brooke, Lexi, and Tiffany are in the hall when Brooke asks Tiffany if she thinks it's bothering how Skipper thinks that she is so awesome. Tiffany says no and that it's cute. Tiffany asks if it bothers Brooke that Toejam has a huge crush on her. Brooke tries to deny it. They ask about Lexi and Danny. Lexi tells them that they are just friends. Tiffany says that their is only one way to tell. She says that she has a plan.

The girls dress as boys and goes and asks the boys who they like. Skipper says Tiffany. The girls refers to themselves as "the chicks" and they described themselves as "braniacs" and "competitive". Danny asks them where they got their manners and says that they don't call them chicks and call them braniacs and competitive. The girls leave. Danny says that he couldn't believe that the girls did not know that they recognized them. Skipper doesn't know that and runs after Danny asking him "what girls?"


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