Tiffany's Web
Tiffany's Web
Air Date December 21, 2007
Prod Number 111
Episode Number 11

Tiffany's Web is the 11th episode in Season 1 (U.S.). Tiffany decides to be a fashion designer. She uses Danny as a model for her horrible site as revenge. Toejam gets revenge and takes a picture of him in a costume.


Toejam walks up to Tiffany and asks her what's up. She says, "Only the most exciting thing that ever happened in my life." Toejam says that she says that all the time but she denies it. Toejam goes into a flash back when the same thing had happened. Toejam asks her what it is this time and she says the same thing again. She says that she is entering a contest to be the next American Super Star Fashion Designer and asks Toejam to be her model. Toejam says that she should find someone taller like Danny. Danny walks in as he says that and calls them "Small Fries". They explain to him that Tiffany needs him to be her model. They go get the costume and camera as Danny stands there and "look good".

Toejam is taking pictures of Danny dressed like a Native American and Tiffany says that he isn't a good model and leaves. Danny blames it on Toejam and says that he knew it all along. Toejam says that he is innocent and that he is just a "little small fry".



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