Tiff Notes
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Air Date September 06, 2008
Prod Number 207
Episode Number 22

Tiff Notes is the 2th episode in Season 2 (US). Toejam asks Tiffany to help him study for the Romeo and Juliet test.


Toejam comes and asks Tiffany to help him study for his Romeo and Juliet test. Tiffany claims to know everything about Rome and Juliet. They imagine Danny as Romeo and Lexi as Juliet. Romeo and Juliet meets and they fall in love, but their family are enemies. The scene shifts over to the famous balcony scene. Juliet takes out her cell-phone and texts Romeo. Romeo comes up and says that his cell is busted, but he is right there. Romeo asks if she wants to get married and Juliet says yes. The scene is shifted over to Friar Lawrence's place, which was played by Skipper. The scene closes just before they kiss. The scene changes. Tiffany explains that Romeo is banished for killing Tybalt, who had slain his friend, Mercutio. Juliet is "bummed", so she listens to her mixed CD and falls asleep. Romeo gets mad at her for ignoring him, so he leaves. Juliet awakes to find Romeo gone. Juliet says that it looks like she is going to prom by herself. Tiffany says "The End". Tiffany asks him if he can remember all that and leaves. Skipper walks in dressed as Friar Lawrence. Toejam asks him why he is dressed like that and he tells him that they are having a Romeo and Juliet exam.



  • Tiff Notes is a pun on Cliff Notes, an online site that helps students study.
  • Brooke Nichols does not appear in this epidsode.

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