The Champion Shuffle / Juara Shuffle
Juara shuffle
Air Date September 25, 2010
Prod Number 109
Episode Number 9

The Champion Shuffle is the 9th episode in Season 1 of Waktu Rehat. Faiz teases Anding about how he couldn't shuffle, so Anding challenges Faiz to a shuffle competition. Who is going to win?


Faiz, Kieran and the other two students were shuffling when suddenly, they were interrupted by Anding who joined in to shuffle as well and got laughed later. Feeling insulted and embarassed, Anding quickly picks up his bag from the floor and leaves while the others continued laughing. Later, Anding was seen teaching Mathematics with Luna and Mindy until Faiz showed up, making fun of Anding about his dancing skills. Anding, feeling challenged and angry, challenges Faiz in a duel shuffle contest, which Faiz hastily accepts.

As Anding was practicing, Wai Chong appears and saw the poster about a duel shuffle contest between Anding and Faiz. Shocked, Wai Chong asks Anding if he can win the contest against Faiz but Anding remained calm and reveals that he has a secret weapon that is Alam, a shuffle dancer to teach him how to shuffle. Wai Chong at first disagrees that the shuffle contest will be held at the school's corridor since it is against the school rules but later changed his mind.

The competition has arrived and the two begin to dance. Before the dance starts, Wai Chong arrived, holding a letter which is approved by the Principal that the competition is allowed at the school's corridor. In the end, Anding won since he has the loudest cheer and everyone followed him, leaving Faiz and Alam behind. Alam hopes that Faiz has learned his lesson not to look down at people who cannot shuffle and they both started to shuffle but was interrupted by Wai Chong and they quickly escape by shuffling away.


School RulesEdit



{Episode Navigat Apa ni? Poster yang tidak dibenarkan. Lawan shuffle...Faiz versus Anding. Huh? Anding...kenapa nama awak ada di poster ni? Apa itu lawan shuffle?

Anding: Lawan shuffle itu adalah di mana dua orang bersaing untuk menunjukkan kehandalan mereka dalam seni shuffle. Siapa yang mendapat sorakkan yang paling kuat adalah pemenang. Dan ya, saya akan bertanding untuk mendapat gelaran tersebut.

Wai Chong: Anding, awak dah gila ke?

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