The Prez
The Prez
Air Date February 22, 2008
Prod Number 112
Episode Number 12

The Prez is the 12th episode in Season 1 (U.S.). Brooke runs for president and they hand out fliers, but Tiffany messes up when she tries to bake cupcakes.


Brooke walks up to Danny and Toejam and tells them to vote for her for the president of the student body. She shows them a list of things she is going to change. Toejam grabs the list, but it turns out to be pages and pages long. On the list is a "Scrape gum off the desks day". Brooke says it's a passion. Charlotte walks up and asks if they can count their votes, and they say that other candidates are giving out free stuff, hinting that Brooke should too. Danny says that it is like Christmas. Charlotte couldn't believe that they vote according to who gives out the best gifts.

Tiffany walks up to Charlotte and asks her what's in the bag. Charlotte says that ti is the key to help Brooke win the election. She says that one bite of the cupcake will make her win. Tiffany looks in the bag and says that the cupcakes look weird. Charlotte explains that that is not the cupcakes and that it is the batter. Tiffany says, "Oh, like in baseball! Hey, batter, batter, batter, batter, wing, batter." Charlotte tells her to make the cupcakes. A guy walks in with the fliers. Charlotte tells him to hand it to Tiffany and that she is in the kitchen.

Tiffany comes out with the cupcakes and asks who wants one. Danny and Toejam reach for one, but Charlotte stops them and asks them if they can count their vote. They say yes and takes a cupcake. Charlotte asks Tiffany what she did with the fliers just as Danny and Toejam find something in their cupcake. Charlotte gets mad and Tiffany says that that was what she thought she was supposed to do. Danny and Toejam walked away with another cupcake. Brooke walks in and says that the cupcakes are a hit. Charlotte changes her mind and says that that is exactly what she wanted Tiffany to do. Tiffany says thanks and that they are "Fortune Cupcakes".



  • Skipper Adamson does not appear in this episode.
  • The outfit Charlotte wears in this episode is the same outfit she wore in The Quiz.

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