Rakan Bowling
Rakan boling
Air Date September 26, 2010
Prod Number 110
Episode Number 10

Rakan Bowling is the 10th episode in Season 1 of Waktu Rehat. Johan was supposed to be Amirah's bowling buddy but was injured, leaving Amirah no choice but to team up with Kieran.


Amirah was excited because she and Johan are going to represent their school in the bowling competition but Johan breaks the sad news to Amirah that he couldn't play bowling due to his injured hand. Amirah was upset about it but was even more upset when Johan said Kieran is going to be his substitute for the bowling competition. Feeling really upset that she is unable to see the cute boys at the competition, she suddenly has an idea and Kieran feels uneasy about it.

The next day, Kieran appears, wearing a girl's school uniform, pink jacket and a pink bow on her hair, much to Mindy's amazement. Kieran asks why does she need to wear the outfit at the competition and Amirah replies it is a strategy so they are able to attract cute boys at the competition soon. Johan and Syed laughs at Kieran and said that she looks like a gorilla wearing a skirt but they quickly run away before Kieran is able to finish them off with her taekwondo moves. Amirah, Luna and Mindy tried to teach Kieran how to walk gracefully but failed until Anding came over to fix their problem. Johan and Syed were suddenly attracted to Kieran but Kieran challenges them to wear a girl's school uniform in order to go out to date with her.

The next day, Kieran was just her usual self again and Johan and Syed apologizes to her for making fun of her when she is wearing the girl's school uniform. She accepts their apology and Syed askes what happened to her new image, in which Kieran replies that it does not work during the competition and decided to change their strategy. Her strategy is to change Amirah's image into a tough girl and Amirah cries out "Bye-bye, cute guys", for she feels upset for she is unable to see the cute guys at the competition.


School RulesEdit



Amirah: Tidak!! Bye-bye, cute guys.

Kieran: Bye-bye...(Laughs while waving her left hand.)

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