The (Not So) New Girl
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Air Date July 05, 2008
Prod Number 201
Episode Number 16

The (Not So) New Girl is the 1st episode in Season 2 (US). Charlotte moves and a new girl comes to the school. It turns out to be Danny's childhood friend, Lexi.


Danny meets up with Toejam and Skipper and sighs. They ask him if he is thinking about "you know who" and Danny says that he is not thinking about Charlotte. Tiffany and Brooke walks up and Tiffany apologizes to Skipper for throwing a dodge ball at him too hard, for Skipper had a huge red mark on his face. Skipper compliments on her "pretty hands". Danny asks if they know who else has pretty hands. They all say, Charlotte. Brooke explains that people come and go in people's lives and what's important is that they cherished their time together and do not be sad when they leave. Danny says that she is right, but he still misses her. Toejam tells him to move on. Tiffany compares it to dodge ball.

Danny tells Toejam that maybe he is right and he should move on to focus on other things like schoolwork. They start laughing. Danny says that it would be a great opportunity for him to work on his music. Toejam asks him if he had met the new girl. Brooke and Skipper walk in and says that the new girl is smart, knows magic, and can skateboard. Tiffany walks in and asks them if they are talking about the new girl. She says how she has someone to go shopping with now. They all say that they love her and she is awesome. Brooke and Tiffany leaves as Skipper says, "And I love you," to Tiffany. Skipper asks Danny if he said it out loud. Toejam says the best thing to do is to find someone new. Danny says no, but Skipper and Toejam tells him that she is "hot". Danny says that he is not ready.

Skipper and Toejam tell Danny about how great the new girl is. Danny tells them to get over it, but they tell him that she is hot. Danny says that he is not ready. Toejam tells Danny that the new girl is coming, so Danny asks him how is his hair. Toejam tells him it is messy. The girl walks in with Brooke and Tiffany. They tell Danny to meet the new girl, Lexi. Danny asks, "Alexandra?" And Lexi asks, "Daniel?" The others were surprised that they know each other. The two went into a rock, paper, scissors match and Lexi beat Danny. Lexi says that he's been using scissors for years and Danny says that scissors wins 1/3 of the time. Lexi explains that they were childhood friends. Danny says that her dad transferred and moved. Lexi says that they haven't seen each other for 10 years and asks Danny if he still takes flute lessons. He says no and that he is taking guitar. He asks Lexi what happened to her tomboy characteristic, and she said she had dropped it and asks how he likes it. Danny says that it is not bad. They say that they have lots to catch up to, so they leave their friends behind. Tiffany says that she thinks they did know each other and everyone left.

The friends meet again and Toejam says that Danny has finally moved on. Brooke says it was too sudden. Tiffany says that they said that they were just friends. Lexi and Danny walks in and Danny has a huge red mark on his face. Lexi explains that she made State in dodge ball. She says thanks to everyone and says that she'll meet Toejam at the skate park at 4:30, Brooke tonight, study session, and Tiffany at the mall on Saturday. Then she steps back and disappears in thin air. They all say, "Wow! She is awesome!"



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