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Syed Si Pemukau
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Air Date
Prod Number 205
Episode Number 5

Syed Si Pemukau is 5th episode of Waktu Rehat. Syed Use His hypnotize from a book.


Syed learns how to hypnotize from a book. He tries it out on a number of his friends but fails to their amusement. He doesn't give up and tests his hypnotizing skills on Faiz. To his surprise, it works! Syed gets Faiz to do small favours for him until he realises that he can get Faiz to do greater things, like help him get Amirah! In the end, Syed had no idea that he fell from his friends' trick HOOK, LINE AND SINKER!










Wai Chong

School RuleEdit


Luna: Amboi amboi amboi... seronoknya memukau dan menggunakan orang?

Syed: Mestilah best!

Amirah: Lepaskanlah! Apa ni?? (Faiz Bring Amirah to Syed with A net)

Syed: Faiz! apa yang kau buat ni???

Faiz: Saya tolong tuan pukan Amirah tuan

Syed:Aku suruh dapatkan bukan menupukan.

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