Resepi Rahsia Suresh
Air Date September 12, 2010
Prod Number 105
Episode Number 5

Resepi Rahsia Suresh is the 5th episode in Season 1 of Waktu Rehat. Syed tries to win the contest so that he can win Amirah's heart by stealing Suresh's secret recipe.


Syed finds out that Amirah love boys who can cook and decides to enter the Best Currypuff Competition so that he could win her heart. Together with Johan, he tries to make his own currypuff filling and Johan tries it but it was too hot and spicy, so he rushed towards Mindy and Kieran who was just passing by, to take a bottle of water. Suresh came by as well and asked if they wanted to try his filling. Mindy and Kieran tasted his filling and it turns out to be delicious, thus attracting even more girls to try out. 

Suresh agreed to teach Syed and Johan his secret recipe but failed to do so after 10 times. Suresh quits and Syed begin to proceed with Plan B. Syed and Johan waits for Suresh to come and tricks Suresh so that they could swap their currypuffs with his. During the competition, Luna and Amirah appears and tries Johan and Syed's currypuff and found them delicious. When she tries Suresh's currypuff, she likes it even more since she loves spicy and hot food. Much to Syed's dismay, he tries the currypuff himself and found them way too hot and spicy. Realizing that his Plan B has gone wrong, he screamed.


School RulesEdit

No Rules


(Johan and Suresh tastes Syed's curry puff filling and starts to act due to its spiciness)

Syed: WEI! Over-reacting la korang ni. Takkan pedas sangat macam tu? Aku dah kurangkan cili tau.

(Syed tastes the curry puff filling)


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