Study Buddies
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Air Date
Prod Number 108
Episode Number 8

Study Buddies is the 8th episode in As the Bell Rings (Singapore). Lizzie is assigned as Ying Ying's study partner and everyting goes wrong for Lizzie.


It starts out with Jackie reading a book as Lizzie comes over and sighs purposely. Unfortunately Jackie doesn't hear her so Lizzie sighs again. This time, Jackie hears her and says hi to her. Lizzie complains that her life is over and Jackie asks if the cause was because she popped a pimple on her nose. Lizzie says that it was because she was given a study partner. Ying Ying excitedly runs over to Lizzie and asks if they were going to have fun. Ying Ying messes up Lizzie's hair and runs off as Lizzie complains that her life is over. Then, Lizzie thinks of a great idea that can help her.

Lizzie looks at herself in a mirror placed in her locker. She closes her locker and Maisy comes over and asks her if it was true that the fashion queen (Lizzie) is hanging out with Ying Ying. Lizzie tells her that it is true. Maisy gets astonished and starts breathing heavily. Lizzie tells her to calm down as Ying Ying walks in dressed up as Lizzie. Ying Ying asks Lizzie if she was sure about dressing like her and Lizzie says that doing make-overs is a talent of a fashion queen. Maisy thinks Ying Ying looks great so she asks her if she could give her some fashion tips and says that her hair style is so like the day before. Ying Ying tells Maisy that she could change Maisy's hair from yesterdays hair to todays hair, so they both run off to fix it as Maisy tells Ying Ying that she is such a fashion queen. Before Maisy got to run off, Lizzie pulls her back and asks her if she was a fashion queen too, but Maisy tells her that she is just a princess and runs off. Lizzie's plan didn't go the way it was suppose to so Lizzie turns sad.

Later Ying Ying walks to the window as Maisy comes in with her. Maisy asks Ying Ying one more question on about how she feel like being a fashion queen. Ying Ying says that being a fashion queen is ok. Maisy gets confused and asks her why it was just ok and also asks her if she feels humble. Then, Lizzie walks in. Ying Ying says hi to her and tells her that she knows that they are suppose to be studying later, but before, she asks Lizzie if she could fix her hair. Then Maisy asks Ying Ying if she wanted to read her article about Ying Ying's beautiful hair. Ying Ying thinks that it would be great so the two runs off. Before Maisy got to run off Lizzie pulls her back again and asks her if she could read the article about her (Lizzie) fabulous hair. Maisy refuses and says that that was yesterdays news. Lizzie gets insulted and says that she is going to stop the problem once in for all.

Maisy walks down the hall while writing notes on her notepad. She tells Jackie that she misses Lizzie, because she always give her something to write about. Suddenly, Lizzie walks in dressed up as Ying Ying and Ying Ying walks in dressed up as Lizzie. Then Lizzie says to Ying Ying that she can't believe what Ying Ying was wearing because it was so like yesterday and that she should know that because she IS the fashion queen. Ying Ying asks her if she was behind already and Lizzie says yes. Ying Ying couldn't take the pressure anymore so she fixes her style back to herself and says that she doesn't want to be queen. Ying Ying smiles and walks off. Lizzie stares at Jackie and Jackie says, "All hail the princess". Then, Lizzie stares at Maisy and Maisy says, "All hail the queen". Then everyone in the corridor started bowing down to Lizzie saying, "All hail the queen" as Lizzie walks off.


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