Air Date November 13, 2010
Prod Number 113
Episode Number 13

Gerhana is the 13th episode in Season 1 of Waktu Rehat. There is something strange happening in the school after the solar eclipse.


Anding, Mindy, Wai Chong, Amirah and Kieran are watching the solar eclipse from the school window while Johan and Syed are hiding, ready to prank them. After scaring them, they met Faiz, wearing a taekwondo outfit, practicing his taekwondo moves at the hallway. At first, they thought it was just a prank but when Kieran appears, wearing the regular clothes that Faiz usually wears, shuffling towards them, they were terrified. They were even more terrified when they met Amirah, wearing a prefect outfit and fines them just like Wai Chong while Wai Chong, wearing a girl's school uniform, starts to act like Amirah.

Later, Syed and Johan found a poster saying that the eclipse causes the aliens to control the student's brain stick on the school's bulletin. They were stumped about it and Johan tries to figure out the solution but they were surrounded by Faiz, Kieran, Amirah and Wai Chong, saying that they are going to "fix" them. Suddenly, they started laughing at Syed and Johan since their pranked worked as a revenge for pranking them earlier. 


School RuleEdit

  • 3000A - No gossiping at school.


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