SM Jalan Mas is the series of Waktu Rehat. The student is fun in break time and the principal of SM Jalan Mas but his voice something hear. The hallway has Locker, clocks, bell, statue of Kuala Lumpur and all.


  • Sekolah Menengah Jalan Mas (Golden Road Secondary School), or S.M. Jalan Mas - The secondary school where all of the characters attend.
  • S.M. Jalan Mas school corridor - Adopting most of the As the Bell Rings series, the show revolves mainly around the school main corridor. It features the school motto "Bersatu Padu ke Arah Kejayaan" (Unity towards Excellence) as the backdrop and a replica of Petronas Twin Towers on the middle of the corridor. The school's main corridor is facing towards the school fish pond and the Principal's office.

Known EnrollmentsEdit

  1. Johan
  2. Syed
  3. Luna
  4. Julie
  5. Faiz
  6. Amirah
  7. Kieran
  8. Mindy
  9. Anding
  10. Suresh
  11. Wai Chong
  12. Adam
  13. Rosie

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