Rockstar Dreams
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Air Date March 22, 2009
Prod Number 219
Episode Number 34

Rockstar Dreams is the 19th episode in Season 2 (US). The children imagine what it would be like to have a Million Dollars.

Synopsis Edit

Brooke returns Danny's CD and tells him his songs are good. Then they imagine what if he was a rockstar. Danny is surrounded by people asking for signatures. Then Skipper is on the side and claims he is his best friend, so everyone goes asking him for his signature. Skipper says that being a rockstar's friend is the only thing better than being a rockstar. Brooke says that that shouldn't go through Danny's head. Then Danny imagines him as a rockstar with Brooke and Skipper on the side. He gets a phone call and Skipper hands him the phone. Danny dresses him as "Scooter". The Bank called and says that they have no room for his money. Then he gets another call which Brooke hands to him. Danny calls Brooke "Becky". The call was asking if Danny would perform for the president and the Queen. Danny says that it's boring and that he doesn't just go performing for anyone. Then Danny's helicopter comes and he doesn't let Skipper go on it. The snap back into reality and Brooke asks if she really looks like Becky. Skipper says that he's fine being called Scooter but he always wanted to ride a helicopter. They get mad and stomp off. Danny exclaims that it was just a fantasy.


Trivia Edit

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Mona Lexi If I Had a Million

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