Luna Baik Luna Nakal
Luna baik
Air Date December 4, 2010
Prod Number 114
Episode Number 14

Luna Baik Luna Nakal is the 14th episode in Season 1 of Waktu Rehat. Luna's cousin, Lina is visiting the school but before Luna gets Lina to introduce her friends and a tour around the school, trouble comes.


Luna and her identical-looking cousin, Lina had just arrived at school. While Luna rushes to the school's washroom, Anding arrives with Syed and Suresh, teaching about Mathematics. As Syed and Suresh head towards the canteen, Lina accidentally bumps into Anding and Anding mistakenly thinks that Lina is Luna. Lina decides to take the opportunity to hang out with Anding as Luna.

Suresh and Syed were talking when they were suddenly interrupted by Mindy and Julie, saying that Luna and Anding are eating together at the canteen. The real Luna bumps into them and asks what is the sensational news all about. Mindy tells Luna that she and Anding are dating which Luna thinks they are playing a prank on her and tells them she has no time for it since she is looking for Lina. Luna leaves to find Lina while Mindy, Julie, Syed and Suresh are puzzled whether Luna is with Anding or not.

Meanwhile, Lina is busy planning all the things she wants to do with Anding and leaves him for a moment to go to the washroom. Luna appeared asking him if he has seen Lina and Anding was puzzled when she asks about her cousin. Before Luna leaves, she made a promise to go and revise Maths in the library with Anding this evening since there is a test tomorrow but Anding thought she wanted to go to the movies and buy shoes, making Luna confused. After she left, Lina appeared and asked Anding what movie did they want to watch later, making Anding even more confused than ever. Mindy, Syed and Suresh decided to tell Anding about it but they changed their minds later in fear they will lose Anding and Luna as friends. 

As Lina was talking about fashion, Anding couldn't take it anymore and confesses that he is not ready to be in a relationship since he doesn't understand girls yet and runs away. Luna finally found Lina and asks where she has gone to. Suddenly, Anding came back and realizes that there are two Lunas, thus becoming even more crazy and runs away, leaving Luna and Lina. As Luna leaves to get her back, Wai Chong comes over and begin talking to Lina, thinking it was Luna. Lina asks if Wai Chong wants to go shopping with her, leaving Wai Chong confused. 


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