Muhammad Nasiruddin Nasir also known as Nasiruddin Nasir is a Malaysian actor of Indian descent. He is known for for portraying Satiya in Hikayat Putera Syazlan[1] and as Suresh in Disney's Waktu Rehat.[2][3]



  • Tentang Bulan (About the Moon)
  • Brainscan: Aku dan Topi Ajaib (Brainscan: Me and the Magical Hat)
  • 9 September
  • Semerah Cinta Stiletto (As Red as Stiletto's Love)


  • Hikayat Putera Syazlan (The Tale of Prince Syazlan)
  • Waktu Rehat (The Break Time)
  • Tentang Bulan the Series.



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