Mona Lexi
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Air Date Feburary 22, 2009
Prod Number 218
Episode Number 33

Mona Lexi is the 18th episode in Season 2 (US).

Synopsis Edit

Skipper asks Danny and Lexi what they are doing for the School Art Show auditions. Danny says that he hasn't thought of it yet, but he states that Skipper probably has. Skipper says that he has and Lexi asks what he's doing. Skipper says that it's his best masterpiece and that an artist never reveals his secrets. Lexi corrects him by saying that a magician never reveals his secrets. Skipper says, "Exactly". Then Skipper looks around for a good background for his picture saying, "Maybe, maybe, maybe...". Then Tiffany and says that her's is going to be a self portrait. She takes out her camera phone and takes her own picture, but she was still not in the picture. She gets frustrated and leaves. Danny wishes her luck. Toejam comes and tells them to look at his art project. He shows them a ball of tinfoil. Lexi says that that looks like a ball of tinfoil and Toejam thanks them and says that's exactly what he was going for but he's not done with it yet. Lexi wishes him luck. Danny asks Lexi what she's doing and she says that she doesn't think of herself as an artist. Brooke comes up and says that most great artists never saw themselves as artists. Skipper passes by still saying, "Maybe". They leave.

Lexi asks Brooke what she should do. She says that there are no limitations and that everything goes. Tiffany comes by and tries to take a picture of herself but only her nose and chin made it into the picture. Brooke continues on saying that anything can be art, all she has to do is choose a style. Lexi asks her like what. Brooke says that there is Abstract Expressionism. Lexi asks what that is. Brooke says that she just has to paint whatever on a canvas. Lexi imagines herself painting, but splashes red paint all over herself. She asks Brooke if there's anything not so messy. She says that she can try Post-Impressionistic Realism. She imagines her drawing a portrait of Danny but ends up having a huge pile of crumbled up papers. Lexi says that she doesn't have the patience for that. Brooke thought of an idea for her to do Performance Art. Lexi imagines herself as a clown, pantomiming. She sucked so bad that people threw vegetables at her. Lexi asks if there's anything less annoying. Toejam walks by with a huge tinfoil ball and says that he's almost there. Danny comes and says that he figured out what he is going to do and that in fact, he is done. Lexi asks him what he's talking about. Danny asks if she knows how he doodles in his notebook everyday. Brooke asks if it is the one he's supposed to be taking notes in. Danny says that that is the one and that he's taking all his doodles and making a diorama. Brooke is confused and asks if he's making a doodle diorama. Danny says that he is and leaves. Lexi asks Brooke if there's such thing. Brooke says no. Lexi says that art is so confusing. Brooke says that she should do whatever inspires her. She says that that was good advice and thanks Brooke. They leave and Skipper returns, and finds the window as a good background.

Skipper presents his picture. It turns out to be a picture of his thumb, called, "Thumb". Danny says that he should've called it "Dumb". Tifaany presents her project. It was bits and pieces of her own pictures called, "Me, Myself, and I". Brooke says that it looks like Picasso. Tiffany says that it is her. Danny asks what Lexi made. Lexi shows them her painting. She unveils the painting and gold light shines at them. Lexi asks what they think. Skipper cries and says that it's glorious. Danny gives him a tissue and says that it's perfect. Brooke says that it's like nothing she'd ever seen. Tiffany says that it's prettier than her. Toejam runs by. Toejam stops and looks at the picture. He begins to say, "Wow, that looks exactly like..." but then his 6 feet tinfoil ball rolls him over.


Trivia Edit

  • Mona Lexi, as well as Lexi's painting, is a pun on Leonardo da Vinci's famous artwork during the Italian Renaissance, the Mona Lisa.
  • When Lexi imagines her portrait of Danny, she imagines Danny in the pose of The Thinker by Auguste Rodin.
  • Tiffany's art's title is named after Me, Myself, and I, by Billie Holiday.
  • Toejam's tinfoil ball is a reference to the huge boulder in Indiana Jones.

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