This is the list of episodes of the Disney Channel series of Waktu Rehat. Before the first episode begins, a premiere was shown with a short briefing made by Faiz and Amirah. 

Join the adventures of the Waktu Rehat gang: Johan, Syed, Luna, Julie, Faiz, Amirah, Kieran, Mindy, Anding, Suresh and Wai Chong, together with another two new students, Adam the Musician and Rosie the Super Confident Girl. 

Season 1Edit

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit


The Challenge is a game set by the characters, which serves as a mini-episodes on the series.

1. Shuffle challenge by Faiz

2. Durian eating challenge by Kieran

3. Thumb wrestling challenge by Mindy

4. Cake decorating challenge by Anding

5. ''Pantun'' challenge by Luna

6. Make-up challenge by Amirah

7. Rapping challenge by Syed

8. Impersonations challenge by Wai Chong

Mystery FliesEdit

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