Let's Stick Together
Lets Stick Together
Air Date
Prod Number 209
Episode Number 33

Let's Stick Together is the 33rd episode in Season 2 (U.K.).


During break,Danny walks up to Lucy with his backpack and asks how its going.At frusteration, Lucy throws his backpack at window responding to his question with Danny saying "So not that brilliant then." Lucy questions why she is the only girl in the whole school who is bad at art,Danny was about to tell her that Rocky is also bad at art but she angirly looks at him and he correctly says that Lucy is the only girl bad at art.Danny doesn't think that Lucy isn't that bad, until she shows him her current sculpture and he gasps.After two guesses on what it is,she tells him the sclupture is suppose to be Bella.Bella comes up and ask "whats Bella?". Danny stares and tells the audience "They could be twins."

Later, Lucy tells Danny that if she fails art again,her teacher will write up to her parents.So she decides to do something "big and impressive this time." Danny tries to guess what she's making,and fails at it,so Lucy tells him it's suppose to bird and will call it "A Flight of Fancy". However when she says the name,she unknownly sticks her hand to the sculpture.

While helping Lucy out,Danny accdeintly gets his hand stuck to sculpture marking " the last time I help you out". Josh comes up and Lucy asks him for help,not beliving them he puts both on the sculpture and gets himself stuck. As Danny declares themselves "the three stupidiest people in school",Biggs walks up and thinks that they're playing a hands on the statue game, as he places his hands on the sculpture,Danny and Lucy try to stop him only to fail.

By then several students have stuck themselves to the sculpture and Rocky tries to break them free,Rocky was about to go get someone when she can't get her hand off Josh's butt as Josh spread some glue on him. Reese comes by, sees the students stuck to the sculpture and questions their actions.Lucy tells him to stop being himself and begs him not to tell her art teacher.Reese decides to make his decision by letting anyone raise their right hands because no one will be able to.

After all the kids get out of the sculpture,Lucy informs Danny that she actually passed this time because the teacher thought it was an impressive human sculpture.As she hugs him in joy,she informs him that some glue is still on her and gets stuck on Danny who is embrassed at this sight.But Lucy turns to the audienice and waves her hands,showing that the glue isn't on her at all.


  • Danny
  • Lucy
  • Bella
  • Josh
  • Rocky
  • Biggs

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