Hidup Sihat
Hidup sihat
Air Date September 25, 2010
Prod Number 108
Episode Number 8

Hidup Sihat is the 8th episode in Season 1 of Waktu Rehat. Anding wants to walk home with Luna but he feels that he isn't fit enough to do so.


Johan and Syed were walking by and asks Kieran how is her taekwondo competition, which she shows a gold medal in reply. Luna appeared and Kieran wonders that Anding was supposed to be with Luna but Luna reply that Anding was with her at the start but disappeared afterwards. As Luna and Kieran leaves, Anding appears, feeling tired and breathless, and faints later. Anding tries to learn the basic of exercising by reading the "Physical Exercises" book but Johan prefers that Anding should train himself by moving his body.

As Anding, was busy warming up, Suresh came by to ask him to help with his pantun but was interrupted by Johan, saying that Anding is busy exercising and wasn't allowed to be disturbed at all. Luna appears and Anding offers to walk her home while carrying her "extremely" heavy bag. Johan trains Anding to life up a broom to strengthen his muscles and once again, Anding offers to walk Luna home but she refuses. Suresh appeared with his new pantun after following Anding's advice and proceeds to read it. Luna was impresed with Suresh's funny pantun and they both left, leaving Johan and a very upset Anding. 

The next day, Johan finds Anding practicing his taekwondo moves and tells Anding that he shouldn't be too upset about Luna. Anding said it was fine since he has found another girl who likes his level of fitness, making Johan surprised and wondered who it was. Kieran appeared and drags Anding towards their taekwondo class, leaving Johan behind.


School RulesEdit



(Johan saw Anding rushing over)

Johan: Whoa!

Anding: Kaki....sakit....penat..(Panting)

Johan: Kau okay ke tak?

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