Raja Sekolah/King of The School
King of school
Air Date September 19, 2010
Prod Number 107
Episode Number 7

King Of The School is the 7th episode in Season 1 of Waktu Rehat. Wai Chong dreams to conquer the school.


Wai Chong was reading a book with the title "Conquering the School for Dummies" and was so obsessed with it until he didn't realize that Syed was tying up his left and right shoelaces together, causing him to trip and fall. When Wai Chong gets up with the help of Amirah and Luna, Syed suddenly apologizes to him and breaks the news that the Principal has left the school. All the students were shocked about the news and chooses Wai Chong as their new principal.

Wai Chong feels happy about his new position as the school principal until Amirah takes away his "Pengetua" badge and appointed him to become their king (which was later changed to emperor by Wai Chong). As Faiz shuffles by, he was stopped by Wai Chong and later tells Wai Chong that he was only dreaming. Wai Chong doesn't believe him but when he asks his "royal followers" if it was actually a dream, they all nod in reply. Wai Chong was upset and frustrated but he still believes that he can still be an emperor since it was his dream.

Faiz, on the other hand, tries to become an emperor by promising the students some outrages things and has won the students's heart, thus appointing him to become Emperor Faiz. Wai Chong was shocked about it and screamed before he faints. Wai Chong, once again, was back on his feet with the help of Amirah and Luna. Syed apologizes about his prank earlier and Wai Chong thinks that they are good to him because he is an emperor. The students were puzzled and they all ran away upon hearing the Principal's voice. Wai Chong, still thinks that he is in his dream, askes the Principal to leave and the Principal ordered him to go to his office. Wai Chong was shocked and askes if it is wasn't a dream, in which everybody replies no and screams. 


School RulesEdit

  • 115B - Eating is only allowed in the canteen. 
  • 303/303E - Lying to the king about reality (Which was made up by Wai Chong in his dream when he is an emperor).
  • 633C, Paragraph 10 - No shuffling in the school building.


Amirah: Wai Chong, awak tak ada apa-apa?

Wai Chong: Huh?

Syed: Uh, Wai Chong, maafkan aku. Aku tak berniat untuk mencederakan kamu tadi.

Wai Chong: Huh? Awak semua... masih baik dengan saya?

Syed, Luna, Amirah, Mindy dan Suresh: Mmmm....

Wai Chong: Mesti saya masih maharaja, kan?

Syed, Luna, Amirah, Mindy dan Suresh: Huh?

Wai Chong: Kan..?

Pengetua: Apa yang kecoh sangat atas tu?

Suresh: PENGETUA!!

Luna dan Amirah: Ahh!!

Suresh: CABUT!!

(All of them run away except for Wai Chong)

Wai Chong: Awak! Apa awak buat dalam mimpi saya? Baik awak keluar cepat-cepat!


Wai Chong: Alamak. Ini...bukan mimpi ke?

(They all ran back to Wai Chong)

Syed, Luna, Amirah, Mindy dan Suresh: BUKAN!

Wai Chong: AHHHH!!!! (Screams)

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