I Am Toejam, Legend
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Air Date October 05, 2008
Prod Number 209
Episode Number 24

I Am Toejam, Legend is the 9th episode in Season 2 (US). Lexi wonders how Toejam got his name. Everyone tells her something different.


Toejam tells Lexi and Danny that he will catch up with them later and leaves. Danny goes into a flashback when Danny's locker is jammed and yells to Toejam, "Hey, you!". Toejam helps Danny unjam his locker using his toes. Danny said that his toes are like crowbars. Brooke walks in and Lexi asks Brooke. Brooke tells her that Toejam is a popular DJ jammer in Tokyo. Skipper walks up and says the real reason is that his mom made a jar of jam and he ate the whole thing with his toe. He says that his toe is shaped like a spoon. Toejam walks in and Lexi asks him. Toejam says that it is a combination of his full name, "Thomas James". Everyone was surprised to know. Lexi asked if it was that simple. Toejam said yes and asked her what she thought. Lexi says nothing and leaves. Toejam sits up on the window sill, pulls out a jar of jam and takes of his shoe.



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