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Air Date
Prod Number 212
Episode Number 50

Hypnosis is the 50th episode in As the Bell Rings (Australia).


Haley is sick of the boys being so annoying, so she and Amber attempt to hypnotise the boys (practising on Amber first).While practising on Amber,Haley asks Amber various questions such as "what is your favourite animal?"Amber answers and Haley tries to hypnotise her.But instead of hypnotising AMBERshe accidentelly hypnotises whichever boy happens to be walking past.After accidentelly hypnotising Sam into a kangeroo;Raff into a dog;Jonesy into a cat;Rusty into a mouse and Parker into a carrot,they decide it doesn't work.They see the boys and decide they are just playing.Amber and Haley later hypnotise the boys by dressing up and flirting with them


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