Hall Monitor
Hall Monitor
Air Date April 19, 2008
Prod Number 115
Episode Number 15

Hall Monitor is the 15th episode in Season 1 (U.S.). Skipper becomes the hall monitor and Danny and Toejam believes that he could be their pass, but he disagrees.


Skipper walks up to Danny and Toejam in his hall monitor uniform. He tells them that he is the new hall monitor. Toejam asks why he's wearing a Police cap and he says that it's something he wanted to add in. He says that it's great to have their best friend be a hall monitor and that it is like having a "Get-out-of-jail-free card". Danny imagines them playing football in school and gets caught, but Skipper tells the teacher that they are with him. Skipper says that it is a violation of code for a hall monitor to "play favorites". Skipper orders them to move along before he writes them up. They run away.

Brooke is told by Toejam that this hall monitor thing is getting out of hand. Just then, Danny runs down the hall as Skipper pops out from a trash can and gives him a detention. Brooke yells at him, but she ends up with one too. Toejam leaves. Brooke says that his hat looks ridiculous.

Skipper catches Tiffany texting and says that she almost ran down someone. She says sorry and acts cute, so Skipper let her off the hook and tells her to text safely.



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