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Air Date
Prod Number 116
Episode Number 16

Gosip is 16th episode of Waktu Rehat. A new kid has arrived at SM Jalan Mas and the boys are having a fight to see who gets to win the new student's heart.


Syed, Anding, Suresh and Johan were discussing about the new student who has just arrived at their school. Mindy passes by and was dragged into the conversation by Johan to talk about the new kid named Azza, who has just arrived from London. Amirah appeared, giving a buequet of roses back to Syed, saying that she won't go out with him, no matter if he gave her flowers, chocolates or flower chocolates. Syed gets an idea and plans to get some fresh roses for Azza. Suresh, Anding and Johan tagged along, arguing who is more worthy to win Azza's heart.

Amirah discusses with Luna about her popularity at school, fearing that the new student might be more popular than her and she won't become the most beautiful girl at school anymore. Luna replies saying it is just a gossip and it might not be true. Amirah agreed with what Luna said and laughs, thinking Azza might look ugly until the the guys appeared again, reading the school's magazine about the new kid. The guys were shocked to learn that Azza is Juliana Evan's cousin and were even more determined to see her. Amirah angrily grabs the magazine from Syed and flung it away, leaving with a puff.

Syed daydreams that Azza might like him due to his funny side but Johan interrupts, showing off his muscles to her but was interrupted again by Anding who agreed to help Azza in her studies and was interrupted for the last time by Suresh and his delicious cooking. Johan, Anding and Suresh woke Syed out from his daydream and Syed was suspicious that the three of them has plans to impress Azza as well. Later, Syed stole Suresh's jar of sugar and placed it in the rubbish bin. He later practices his joke when Anding came, holding a balloon saying that it contains breath fresher in it. A naive Syed takes the balloon and breaths in the contents in the balloon before realizing his voice changed due to nitrogen. Syed angrily runs away, leaving Anding laughing and Johan appears, offering a cloth to wipe his face.

As Anding wipes his face, Johan sneakily puts Anding's glasses at the windowsill, hoping Anding will drop his glasses below as he searches for it. As Anding continues his search for his glasses, Suresh appeared, congratulating Johan for his trick and does a handshake with him. As they handshake finishes, Johan found a cockroach on his hand and runs away, feeling frightened. Suresh laughs and hopes that Azza will like his biscuit by tasting one of them. Suresh spat out the biscuit with disgust and yells as Syed secretly swapped the sugar with salt, thus making the biscuit taste salty. Anding, Johan and Syed came back to the hall and angrily pointed fingers at each other and fights. Luna, Amirah and Mindy arrived to break up the fight as the new student arrived, asking where is the Principal's office. The new student looked at the guys and introduces himself as Azahari. The guys were shocked to learn that Azza is actually a boy, not a girl as they hoping for. As Mindy, Luna and Amirah lead Azahari to the Principal's office, the boys were angry and yelled Mindy's name for tricking them.









School RuleEdit



Anding, Syed, Johan and Suresh: KAU! (Pointing fingers at each other)

(The guys started fighting ad Luna, Amirah and Mindy comes)


Luna: BERHENTI! Apa korang buat ni?

(Mindy takes a photo as Azahari comes in)

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