Fiore e Tinelli
Fiore tinelli bufera
Fiore e Tinelli title card
Country of origin Italy
No. of seasons 1+
No. of episodes 11+
Running time 20 minutes
Original channel Disney Channel Italy
Original airing 2007
External links
Official website

Fiore e Tinelli is a spin-off series of Quelli dell'intervallo. It is about Tinelli's family and Fiore's family who are rivals and have direct opposite thoughts.


Tinelli FamilyEdit

Fiore FamilyEdit

  • Fiore: Francesca Calabrese
  • Timoteo Fiore: Alex Polidori
  • Rino Fiore: Mauro Serio
  • Flora Fiore: Pia Lanciotti

Special appearancesEdit

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