Farhanna Qismina, also credited by her stage name Sweet (born October 24, 1997), is a Malaysian actress. She is known for portraying Fasha in Hikayat Putera Syazlan[1] and as Julie in Waktu Rehat. [2] [3]



  • German Homestay
  • Sepi (Lonely)
  • Chantek (Gorgeous)
  • Sesuatu yang Tertinggal (Something That Has Been Left)
  • Damping Malam (The Midnight Companion)


  • Hikayat Putera Syazlan (The Tale of Prince Syazlan)
  • Udin dan Noni (Udin and Noni)
  • CD Kit (A Little)
  • Surat Kepada Tuhan (Letter to God)
  • Cinta Batu Belah (Love of the Divided Stone)
  • Manjalara (A Pampered Despair)
  • Kasih Suci (Pure Love)
  • Ku Milikmu (I'm Yours)
  • Hartamas (The Glowing Estate)
  • Qana'ah (The Contentment)
  • Raya Dua Benua (Eid of Two Continents)
  • Rebab Tidak Bertali (The Stringless Fiddle)
  • Jahil (Ignorance)
  • Suara Hati (Voices of Heart)
  • Selamat Pagi Putera Puteri (Good Morning Prince and Princess)
  • Waktu Rehat (Break Time)
  • Papa Nak Kawin? (Papa wants to Marry?)
  • Anak Rintih (The Crying Child)

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