Faiz Gets His Groove Back/Ada Apa Dengan Faiz
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Air Date
Prod Number 303
Episode Number 3

This is the 3rd episode of season 3 in Waktu Rehat ,Faiz is heartbroken when he knows that G loves someone else . And one solves the mystery.


At the corridor, all the friends we're speaking and playing , Faiz goes to them with his clouds , one by one they hear the lightning strikes and thinks what really happens to Faiz , One by one they solve the mystery.

Suresh & Syed To Get Away His Clouds, and Syed Knows He Just Drama but Faiz was knows that his crush, G, who is she loves someone else. Suresh & Syed Remember with G. And Syed Was Help Him.

Syed, Suresh and Faiz Wear Hip Hop Shirt. First, Syed Meets Rosie, Who Just She Read Her Book But Syed look Macho while Rosie Ran off as Faiz And Suresh Also Ran off as Syed Along.

Syed Look Upset Because Rosie Is Busy As His Friend Laughing. But Anding Has Work For His Science and He Has Idea To Help Faiz as For Faiz and Science.

Anding wear Coat, Flower and Cane but Smile Is Green as To Give Luna. Anding Tells Luna as Luna Something Smile until Luna Faint. Faiz, Syed and Suresh Try Help Anding To Make Him Calm Down But Suresh is Faint Again As They Get Help.

Faiz Tells Luna Because Luna Is Okay By Oxygen and Rosie is Okay Too But They Both Become Victim. Rosie Borrow Her Aunt, Adibah Noor to help Faiz. Faiz Want Tells Them Because G Is Really happy to him not he get angry. Faiz Still Heartbroken and Adibah Noor Help Him as Singing But Faiz Can't Sing. Faiz Need Shuffle as Faiz Get his groove back Until He, Adibah Noor, Rosie And Luna Are Dance Together.








Wai Chong


Faiz And G Are Both Holding Their Hand After Faiz Pull G's Head. as Episode of First Love

School RuleEdit


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Faiz Gets His Groove Back

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