Durian Nafas/Durian Breath
Nafas durian
Air Date August 31, 2010
Prod Number 101
Episode Number 1

Durian Nafas is the 1st episode in Season 1 of Waktu Rehat. Amirah has a strange fond of breath, because of eating durians and Syed seizes this opportunity to win her heart by matching her funky breath.


Wai Chong greets Amirah and smells something weird. As a responsible prefect, Wai Chong decided to investigate the source of the stench while Amirah talks to her best friend, Luna about her fan mails reducing to 5 and fans avoiding her. As she was talking, Luna noticed the smell is coming from Amirah and Amirah explains that she ate durians with her brother yesterday.

Nafas durian 1

Johan paying for the durians to Faiz

Luna agrees to help Amirah to get rid of the stench but Wai Chong interupts and decided to fine Amriah for the stench but was tricked by her. Johan and Syed heard the conversation and stated that this is Syed's chance to win Amirah's heart by having the same breath smell as her. Later, Faiz arrived with four small durians hidden in his jacket. After eating the durians, Syed decides to test his breath on Kieran, who was just practicing her taekwondo at the hallway and she faints after smelling his breath.

Syed confronts Amirah but to his dismay, Amirah already got rid of the stench by using a metal toothbrush and she leaves Syed. Syed suddenly feels very hot (He does not drink salt water after eating the durians. This method is to prevent dehydration) and desperately needs water. He has an idea about drinking the water from the fish pond and quickly dives inside the pond, forgetting about the durian shells that he and Johan threw there earlier. Wai Chong was passing by and fines Syed for breaking the 5D rule. He quickly rushed to the fish pond to catch Syed while Faiz, Johan, Kieran and Luna watches the commotion below through the window.


School RulesEdit

  • 302B - No stinky smell.
  • 5D - No littering the fish pond.


Wai Chong: Amirah! Selamat pagi!

Amirah: Selamat pagi, Wai Chong.

Wai Chong: Bau apa yang busuk tu?

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