Dance Contest
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Air Date January 4, 2009
Prod Number 215
Episode Number 30

Dance Contest is the 15th episode in Season 2 (US). Brooke tries to find a dance partner.

Synopsis Edit

Toejam, Skipper, and Danny are in the hall when Brooke walks up from behind. This happens when the three guys start bragging about their feet. Brooke wants to audition for a T.V. dance show but needs a dance partner. No one wanted to be her partner, but Brooke tells them that there is a $500 first prize.

Brooke tells Lexi and Tiffany that no one wants to be her partner, but then Skipper comes and says that he wants to be her partner. Lexi asks how they would know that he actually knows how to dance. Skipper starts to dance crazily. The girls says that they will let him know and Skipper leaves. Toejam comes and wants to be Brooke's partner. He claims to have been in tap dancing for four years. He starts tap dancing and the girls says that they will let him know, so he leaves. Danny comes and Brooke realizes that he also wants to be her partner. Like the other guys, Danny starts dancing weirdly.

The three boys meet at the hallway. Then they all talk suspiciously, telling each other that they won't be able to make it to the dance auditions because they need to wash their hair. They all at once, they found out how they were all dance partners with Brooke. They all get mad at each other and part separate directions.

The three girls meet in the hall as they don't know who to choose because they are all equally horrible. They wonder why they all suddenly want to be partners. But it is evidently because they all want the money. Brooke says that she has a plan.

Brooke and the three guys start dancing with each other to see who would be better. But instead, they all end up throwing Brooke across the hall.


Trivia Edit

  • There are more scene changes in this episode than any other episode as of yet.

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