Choo Choo the Hamster
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Air Date
Prod Number 109
Episode Number 9

Choo Choo the Hamster is the 9th episode in As the Bell Rings (Singapore). Lizzie is in charge of taking care of Jackie's hamster.


Lizzie looks at her magazine as Jackie comes over and tells her to meet his new pet named Choo Choo. Lizzie gets freaked out and thinks it is a rat, but actually a hamster. Jackie also tells Lizzie that Choo Choo can do the cha cha. Lizzie gets even more freaked out and tells Jackie that Choo Choo can Shoo Shoo. Then Jackie realizes that he needs to go to P.E. and he can't take his hamster with him, so he asks Lizzie if she can take care of it for him until he comes back. Lizzie tells Jackie to give her one good reason she should and Jackie tells her that Choo Choo is pretty like her. Jackie gives Choo Choo to Lizzie and runs off to P.E.

Lizzie looks at Choo Choo disgustingly and is desperate to give Choo Choo back to Jackie so she can go to dance class. Jamie passes by and Lizzie pulls him to her and asks Jamie what is the best pose he always does. Jamie shows her and Lizzie quickly puts Choo Choo's cage in to his hand. Jamie asks her what it was and Lizzie tells him that it is Choo Choo and to take care of it for her. As Lizzie runs off Jamie tells her that he needs to go to football practice, but Lizzie just tells him to hold his pose.

Jamie shakes Choo Choo's cage gently as Ying Ying comes over and asks if she could join Jamie's football team. Jamie refuses and says that it is only for a team of boys. Then, Ying Ying asks if she can join and Jamie says no. Jamie says that she can't join the team but can be part of the team. Ying Ying asks Jamie how she can be part of the team. Jamie tells her she can be part of the team if she too care of foo foo (Choo Choo). So then, Jamie places Choo Choo into Ying Ying's hands. Ying Ying asks Jamie if foo foo is the new team mascot and Jamie says yes and it's a secret. Ying Ying tells him that she won't let him down as Jamie walks away and tells her to keep her pose.

Ying Ying falls asleep with Choo Choo in her hand as Wee Chong walks toward as he picks up trash from the floor. Wee Chong asks Ying Ying what she was holding and she tell him that it is Choo Choo the hamster. Wee Chong complains saying that the school rules do not allow hamsters and he shall turn in Choo Choo to the teacher. Ying Ying asks Wee Chong if that rule was rule 72 and Wee Chong tells her that it is rule 71. Ying Ying tells Wee Chong to make sure by looking in the school companion book. So, Wee Chong takes a look as Ying Ying secretly take Choo Choo out of the cage and takes of with it, leaving the cage behind. Wee Chong then proves Ying Ying right, but then he loses her and go off to find her.

Then, Ying Ying runs back to the window and places Choo Choo back into its cage and decides to hide it somewhere safe. Lizzie wonders around trying to find Jamie as she catches Ying Ying and asks her what she was doing with Boo Boo (Choo Choo). Ying Ying correct her saying that it is Choo Choo. Lizzie tells Ying Ying that she is in charge of Choo Choo now and takes it from her. Then, Wee Chong appears and Lizzie says hi to him. Wee Chong asks Lizzie who is in charage of the hamster and Lizzie tells him that it was her. Wee Chong takes out a red cloth and gives it too Lizzie. Lizzie asks him what it was for and Wee Chong tells her that she is now in charge of cleaning up trash in the school. Lizzie starts hesitating as Jackie comes back from P.E. Wee Chong asks Jackie if he could take care off Choo Choo and Jackie says yes. Then Wee Chong pushes Lizzie foward so she can start her job as Lizzie starts complaining that she didn't do anything. Then Jackie looks back to Choo Choo and says hi to it and asks if it missed him.


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