Chess for a Day
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Air Date July 12, 2008
Prod Number 202
Episode Number 17

Chess for a Day is the 2nd episode in Season 2 (US). Danny and Lexi have a competition to see who is the better competitor.


Danny and Lexi are in the hall with Brooke, arguing. Brooke says that they are too competitive, so Danny sets for a game of checkers. Danny wins the first round. Tiffany is the referee with Skipper and Toejam as reporters. Lexi says that he could beat Danny with half her brain. Lexi wins the second round. Skipper and Toejam announces that it had all started when Danny and Lexi was 6, when their rivalry had started. They start the dart throwing contest where Lexi uses up all her darts and still did not hit the bulls eye. Danny, without having to look, hit the bulls eye in one throw. Lexi beats Danny in an arm wrestling competition. Skipper announces their scores, which they happened to be tied. They start the bowling competition and the hula-hoop competition, and the card stacking competition. Tiffany, Toejam, and Skipper get bored, because no one was winning. Brooke says that she wishes that they would just kiss and get it over with. Skipper and Toejam finishes their reporting as Danny and Lexi continues to compete in the potato sack race.


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The (Not So) New Girl Ballad from Lexi

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