Selamat Hari Jadi/Birthday Surprise
Selamat harijadi
Air Date September 11, 2010
Prod Number 104
Episode Number 4

Selamat Hari Jadi is the 4th episode in Season 1 of Waktu Rehat. It was Anding's birthday today and Syed wanted to apologize to him for playing a prank on him earlier by giving him a surprise gift. Is it another prank or a real birthday gift this time?


It was Anding's birthday today and Wai Chong found him in a mess and Suresh revealed it was actually butterscotch cream pie that Anding was covered in. Wai Chong guessed it was one of Syed's work and Anding feels so angry that he wanted to draw a moustache on Syed's face using permanent ink but Wai Chong reminded him that revenge is a childish thing and it breaks the 302A Rule. Wai Chong tells Anding to make sure that he doesn't get fooled again by Syed, especially on his birthday. Before leaving, he gives a present to him and it turned out to be the school rules book.

Syed bumps into Amirah and Luna who are busy making flowers out of recycled materials for Anding. When Luna asks what Syed is going to give Anding for his birthday, he mumbles and Amirah guesses that he has doesn't know that today is Anding's birthday. Feeling guilty about his prank on Anding earlier, he decided to give Anding a surprise birthday gift for him.

Faiz appears with a huge box on top of a trolley as a surprise gift for Anding. Wai Chong, hiding at the back, appears and asks what is the huge box for. Syed quickly tricks Wai Chong and made a run for it with the huge box and Johan. Anding appeared, holding a basket filled with flowers made from recycled materials and Wai Chong warns him that Syed is planning to play a trick on him again and decided to help Anding to stop him from being tricked by Syed again. After Wai Chong left, Syed and Johan found Anding, meaning to give him the huge box but Anding runs away from them, thus resulting in a chase between Anding, Syed, Johan, Faiz and Wai Chong. 

Syed, Johan and Faiz finally caught up with Anding and so does Wai Chong. Wai Chong ordered them to go for detention for breaking the 2055F rule. Syed quickly apologizes to Anding for the prank he played on him earlier and opens the box together with Johan and Faiz, revealing the cake with Suresh eating the cake in it. 


School RulesEdit

  • 302A - No taking revenge.
  • 2055F - No wetting of the school floor.


Wai Chong: Anding! Happy Birthday!

Anding: Terima kasih.

Wai Chong: Hah? Apa jadi pada muka awak ni?

(Suresh comes over and dips his finger into the cream on Anding's face)

Wai Chong: Eh, Suresh!

(Suresh tastes the cream)

Suresh: Mmm... butterscotch cream pie!

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