Name Anding
Gender Male
Age 19
Occupation Student
Portrayed By Amirul Hakim

Anding is a genius student, thus giving him a nickname, "The Professor".  He is the president of the Astronomy Club and could be possibly smarter than two grades above him. He was a major crush on Luna and was easily being pranked by Syed. His best friend is Wai Chong.


Anding wears a pair of thick rim glasses, a grey sweater with black and light brown zigzag lines in the middle with his school uniform inside it, a pair of dark green pants and a pair of white school shoes. He has neat and tidy black hair and was a bit shorter than Wai Chong.

When doing physical exercises, he wears a red school P.E shirt, a pair of dark blue pants and white school shoes.


  • Reading
  • Helping his friends


Season 1

  • Birthday Surprise/Selamat Harijadi
  • King of the School/Raja Sekolah
  • Let's Get Fit/Hidup Sihat
  • The Shuffle Champion/Juara Shuffle
  • Bowling Buddies/Rakan Bowling
  • Fortune Teller/Mesin Ahli Nujum
  • Haunted Help/Pertolongan Pak Syukor
  • Solar Eclipse/Gerhana
  • The Bully/Kaki Bulli
  • Gossip/Gosip

Season 2

Season 3

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