Air Date September 18, 2010
Prod Number 106
Episode Number 6

Amnesia is the 6th episode in Season 1 of Waktu Rehat. Johan had lost his memory and he couldn't even remember who his friends are. Would Johan be able to get his memory back? 


Syed and Faiz were talking about their prank when Johan with his head bandage and Julie appeared. Syed guesses that Johan got hit from Kieran and Johan asked his sister who these two are. Julie explains that her brother had an accident while playing football and hit his head hard, causing him to have amnesia. She leaves Johan under their care and leaves to attend her class. Syed and Faiz tries to make Johan remember again but was interrupted by Wai Chong. Syed blames Johan for putting the cockroach in his sandwich but was framed when Kieran told Wai Chong that she saw Syed putting the cockroach inside the sandwich. Johan tries to thank Kieran but he has forgotten her name due to amnesia. 

Kieran decided to take advantage of Johan's memory by lying to him that she is the school's sport captain and the trophies inside the blue box were hers. Luna and Mindy overheard the conversation between the two and framed Kieran for lying to Johan. As Kieran leaves to chase Mindy, Luna tries to help Johan to recover back his memories but to no avail. They were interrupted once again when Wai Chong appeared with an apple on his hand and the cockroach on the other, another prank from Syed and Faiz. When Johan saw the cockroach on Wai Chong's hand, he freaks out and ran towards the wall, giving him back his memories. 

Johan remembered that Julie is the one who placed the cockroached in his bathroom. When he saw the cockroach, he ran and tripped, causing him to hit his head on the floor and losing his memory. Feeling angry, he chased Julie, leaving Luna and Wai Chong shrugging. 


School RuleEdit

  • 382A Paragraph 5 - No tricking the prefect and framing your best friend
  • 532B - No putting a plastic cockroach on a prefect's sandwich.


Julie: Er..korang, uhm...sebenarnya, abang saya accident sikit. Kepala terhantuk kuat sangat, so, sekarang ni, dia ada amnesia.

Syed: Oh, amnesia. Amnesia tu, dekat-dekat dengan Indonesia, kan?

Faiz: Amnesia tu hilang ingatan la, wei!

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