All You Got to Do
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Air Date October 19, 2008
Prod Number 210
Episode Number 25

All You Got to Do is the 10th episode in Season 2 (US). It is raining, so Danny sings a song to cheer everybody up.


Skipper meets Danny in the hall. Danny says it's great how it's raining and thundering. Skipper says it's not, because the International Food Fair at the park would have to be canceled. Skipper was dressed as a chef. Danny figured why he was dressed like that. Skipper asks if he thought he would just dress like that for no reason. Danny says yes and Skipper agrees. Skipper asks him if he thinks the rain would stop soon. Danny says probably not. Danny tells him to look on the bright side. Skipper asks what bright side and Danny tells him to swap his hat for a hair net and get a job at the cafeteria. Skipper leaves. Lexi comes in and complains that her soccer team had been practicing for the championships for 3 weeks and that it could be canceled. Still, Danny thinks the rain is great. Danny tells her to look on the bright side. Lexi says that there is nothing bright outside. Lightning flashes and Danny says that there is that.

Brooke and Toejam walks in and is annoyed by the rain. Danny says the rain is beautiful but Brooke says it's not because now, she won't be able to test her solar-powered electromagnetic backpack calculating device. Danny asks her if she means a solar-powered calculator and Brooke says that they don't in a backpack. Toejam says that he's going to miss the Tony Hawk signature party at the skate park. The two leave. Tiffany walks up and tells Danny to tell her it's not rain. Danny tells her it is not rain. Lightning flashes and Tiffany calls him a liar. Tiffany asks if he knows what weather like this would do to a person like her. Danny begans to tell her to look on the bright side, but Tiffany interrupts him and yells at him, telling him not to tell her to look on the bright side.

Lexi, Skipper, Brooke, and Toejam are leaning on the window sill as Danny comes along. Tiff walks up with frizzled hair and leaves, and so does the others. Danny starts on singing and the rest continued to look annoyed, but then Skipper started dancing along. Soon, everyone started dancing. Brooke says that she'll just make a hydroelectric backpack. Tiffany says that maybe frizzy is in.

Lexi, Tiff, Skipper, Brooke, and Toejam all snap back into reality and Toejam asks who's fantasy that was. They all say, Danny. Behind them, is Danny, still in the position he was in when the song ended. He asked if they don't like a good musical. They all left.


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