A Spot of Bother
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Air Date
Prod Number 203
Episode Number 27

A Spot of Bother is the 27th episode in Season 2 (U.K.). Bip is going out with Gabby and they both get spots because of their nervousness.


The episode begins with Bip and Gabby by the window while Gabby tells Bip of a conservation she had with the other girls.Bip asks her if she would go for a smoothie after school,Gabby already said yes sighing in saying "boys never listens" as she walks away.Danny and JJ walk in to Bip who is pleased that Gabby accepted his invitation or at least he thinked she did. JJ is happy for Bip as that is offically a date.Bip gets excited about having a date with Gabby,but then gets nervous and runs away to throw up.JJ says he'll be like that once he "eventually gets a date with Bella".Danny questions this action as JJ thinks the event will be so cool.

Later Bip is stressed out because he has gotten a spot.Danny wants to see the spot but Bip tries to convince not to see it.JJ doesn't think it's a big deal...until he sees the spot,both he and Danny freak out.JJ points out that Gabby is coming right away and Bip starts freaking out because he "can't let her see me like this"so Danny thinks up a plan to let everyone copy him as the boys stare out the window with their hands covering their chins.Gabby comes and questions this action and Danny repiles that they're "pondering the meaning of existence".Gabby is freaked out by this but says "Boys get weirder everyday" and walks out.Bip is relieved that worked and thanks Danny for his plan. Danny then says that after years of research and "numborous conseltations with skin care specialists" he has the perfect solution, to put a plaster on the spot.

Bip walks out and thanks Danny for the plaster idea because it hides the spot perfectly.Danny notices that there are other spots too Bip looks for them and screams.JJ tell him not to get stress or he'll make them worse.Bip says it can't get worse since he now has "more spots than skin" and thinks the date will be a diaster.Josh walks by saying he knows about Bip's spot problem and offers him "The Spot Slousher" which he says is gurantee to get rid of spots. JJ stops Josh thinking that this is just another trick.Josh is surprised that they think he is tricking Bip "in his hour of need" JJ and Danny confromed that they think so.

While Danny and JJ are at the window again when Bip comes by wearing a ski mask.Danny asks if he plans to rob a bank on his way to the smoothie shop. Bip reveals a blue face saying that it's a side effect from the spot cream.JJ and Danny start laughing and Bip begs them not to but after JJ comments that he can beg til "your blue in the face." with Danny high fiving him for that joke.

As the end of the day comes near ended Bip gets worried that Gabby will freak at his blue face.JJ tries to them him not to freak out as "some people like blue eyes imagine how much they like someone whose complety blue",he leaves once Gabby comes by.However Gabby walks in to actually have a blue face as Bip tries to explain to her not the freak out about his blue face.Gabby then reveals that she was also nervous about their date,and therefore broke out in spots,and also running to Josh and receiving the spot cream.Bip is not afraid anymore as they can now both go on their date blue face or not.Danny and Josh walk by at the blue pair and Danny is surpisely pleased how Josh's prank did a good thing.But Josh says that a blue face isn't the only side effect to the also makes them younger! As Danny looks at the pair running away Josh is now happy that his "work here is done."


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